Price Increase starting from 01.01.2022

Dear Customer,

COVID-19 has had direct and indirect influence on different industries in Finland, as in Europe. This has significantly disturbed the whole delivery chain, affecting for example transportation industry and prices in 2021. Production costs of Sacco System have increased during the global pandemic, affected also by the prices of raw materials. Transportation industry is suffering from the increased price of fuel, driver shortage and lack of electronics used in car industry. There is no quick fix at sight and the general price level is to be expected to continue to increase in 2022.

Due to the global cost increase, we are also rising the prices for 4,5 %, starting from 1.1.2022.

Our delivery fees have been increased starting 1.11.2021 together with Posti’s prices. Our new list prices are updated to our website during January 2022.

Best regards,
Jussi Heinonen, CEO

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